Risk Complexity Tools and Techniques Workshop

We all operate in a highly complex and increasingly connected environment which is rapidly changing. Understanding this environment creates commercial opportunities which are already being exploited by the world’s biggest companies. Would you like to join them? This workshop helps you visualise and assess the complex networks your organisation operates in.


Projects and organisations operate in increasingly complex environments with numerous stakeholders. These complex environments consist of networks with external suppliers, customers and partners along with complicated internal structures, all of which have the potential to introduce unintended and unanticipated emergent consequences which impact the achievement of project objectives. 

Delivered by a Risk Professional with practical experience of graph modelling and data analytics, this highly interactive workshop introduces complexity modelling and visualisation.  It aims to provide project and risk professionals with a set of practical tools and techniques to learn about the basics of graph theory and complexity modelling, build network models using graph software, interpret the results, and present the findings in an understandable way to decision makers.

Topics covered include:

  • Complicated vs complex systems

  • Building blocks of graph theory

  • Visualisation and modelling of complex networks

  • Understanding how complexity impacts resilience

  • Presenting data results to decision makers

About the trainer

Starting his career in the Royal Navy, Mark has held a variety of roles within the defence and aerospace sector including submarine weapons engineer, project planner, R&D Project Manager, Head of Internal Audit, and Vice President of Risk Management. 

In recent years Mark has developed ERM Frameworks and designed Risk Management software. He has also created and delivered training to over 500 people on quantitative and qualitative risk management.

Mark is now the MD of Emsity Ltd, a risk management software and training consultancy supporting several clients with software design and development projects.

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