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ESG: Responsible Mining and Sourcing Materials

In a rapidly changing world with increasing demand for raw materials, is it possible to make their extraction, processing and shipping truly responsible?


Course Description:

This training course helps participants to understand what is meant by responsible mining and how ESG can help us become responsible operators. Various frameworks, codes of practice and principles have already been established to promote responsible mining; this course will facilitate attendees to understand and identify which frameworks are relevant to their organisation and how best to implement them.

This course will use real life examples and case studies to help participants understand the different perspectives of stakeholders. Participants will evaluate how to mine responsibly from a miners’ perspective by examining how this is achieved on a day-to-day basis through to how to invest responsibly in natural resources from an investors’ perspective. Participants will also explore how to effectively report on responsible mining and how to communicate their efforts both externally and internally.

Embracing ESG as part of a strategy is important because different stakeholders are aligning around ESG now, not only consumers but also investors and insurers. Rapidly changing expectations of your stakeholders means mining needs to prove it can operate responsibly by managing ESG. For example, the energy transition from non-renewables to renewables requires mining to be done in a responsible way.

Learning Objectives

  • What is meant by ESG and how does it apply to your organisation specifically;
  • Which ESG frameworks and principles have been established for responsible mining, and how these feed into the circular economy;
  • How different stakeholders have differing ESG expectations, across the entire mining value chain;
  • How to manage ESG within mining in a practical way, integrating this into the core decision making of the organization using enterprise risk management;
  • How this approach improves governance regarding decision making and expectations placed on the board externally;
  • How to effectively demonstrate responsible mining by aligning to standards / frameworks / principles;
  • What technologies can support ESG management and influence groups that can help e.g. the impact investing communities; and
  • Reporting and communicating on ESG – how to tell the real story without “greenwashing”.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about responsible mining and sourcing frameworks and principles;
  • Understand the different stakeholders (full value chain) involved in responsible mining;
  • Identify where your organisation can implement controls and actions to demonstrate ESG goals and be recognised for the upside in ESG rather than just managing the threats posed by it;
  • Understand how to manage ESG within your organisation using integrated risk management to ensure ESG is incorporated into everyday decisions.

Who is this course for?

  • Those engaged in mining activities looking for a concise summary of expectations they are expected to meet
  • Those looking to explore case studies of how other mining companies have managed to achieve it.
  • Investors looking to invest in truly responsible mining activities that meet all ESG requirements.
  • Those interested in learning about responsible mining and sourcing of materials

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